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BEL20 stock index

Some instructions

The graph shows the BEL20 index values and the profit. The visible region can be changed by dragging the markers in the narrow bar below the graph. Also, you can select one or more rows in the tables. For selecting multiple rows, click the start row of your choice, press shift and press the end row of your choice. The graph will indicate the matching time span.

The final column in the top table shows the positions that our technical analysis suggests; the final row shows the current suggestion. For this BEL20 index your choice of sprinters, speeders or turbos should not have a leverage of more than 3.0. The simulations have shown that this value is safe when applied quickly after the suggestion on this page.

The second table shows our montly profits in percents.

If you don't see the graph nor the table, JavaScript is disabled in your browser. Please enable it. Please tweet us if the graph and/or table remain invisible in your browser.

The BEL20 profits graph

This section shows a graph of the BEL20 and the profits has achieved following the transaction table indicated elsewhere on this page.

The BEL20 transactions table

This table shows when has changed its opinion on the suggested portfolio.

Profits on the BEL20 per month

The table below shows the monthly profits we have achieved on the BEL20.

BEL20 forum

Here you can share your views on the BEL20 and its trends. When discussing trends, please indicate the period for which your vision holds.
Abuse of the forum can be reported by flagging the comments as inappropriate. Such postings will be removed.

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